Latest Reviews from The Bottle Opener


The last month has been between the Social Y and The Bottle Opener. Buy nevertheless, we have 4 new tasting notes reviews available. We started off March by getting outside and reviewing George Dickel No. 12. It was pretty kick ass, and had a lot of the features that made Buffalo Trace enjoyable. A week later, around St Patrick’s day, we took a look at 2 Gingers Irish whiskey. It was somewhat of a letdown, but the low price makes it fairly acceptable for the use of cocktailing.

We then took a step away from Whiskey to explore the realm of the bohemians and their Absinthe. I took a look at Taboo, a Canadian Absinthe hailing from the Okanagan wine region. It was a good first serious look at absinthe, and a nice opening to a future of more licorice, and sazeracs.

Lastly, I opened up an old friend – Yukon Shine Auragin – and let the cat out of the bottle. As far as gins go, this product contains everything you could ask for in a palatable gin. As such, it’s an award winner, carrying the lofty title of best Canadian gin.

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