Soda Shaq – Blueberry Cream Soda – Snack Zach

The prodigal snack fiend returns after a long hiatus, and delivers another snack review. The review de jour (using random French phrases shows of my sophistication) is Soda Shaq Blueberry Cream Soda. Hey, I kind of like Shaq, as far as celebrities go, I think he’s alright, so how bad can drinking him in cream soda form be?

If you thought that the above question was one of those misleading cliff hangers, to be responded with “terrible” then you have a good understanding of clichéd rhetoric, but you’d be mistaken. Zach scores Shaq with the coveted A grade, and endorses Shaq’s endorsement of the Arizona brand. Nice.

Some of the high scoring factors are the all natural ingredients, and low calorie count in comparison to other sodas. The can comes in plus Shaq size, which is the only size.

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