Valentines Day Bottle Opener Special


The day of St Valentine is not far off. If, like much of the world, you are not prepared for the gimmicky consumer holiday, or if by chance you are one of those single people who hates Valentine’s Day, the easy answer out for both situation may be in the booze. Alcohol is an excellent gift, not just for enthusiasts, bartenders or alcoholics, but for most of the world who avoids places such as the Kingdom Hall.


Or her. We don’t discriminate. And neither does Buffalo Trace. It accepts and loves all taste buds, and as a show of that, it will reward your tongue with somewhat complex bourbon notes. Familiar oaks, toffee and vanilla will be undercut by molasses, menthol and sherry. I know for a fact that it makes a good Old Fashioned, and I also suspect it would be mighty fine in a Mint Julep or Bourbon Sour.

Food pairings: Try keep it heavy, with medium rare steaks, burgers and fries, and buttered corn on the cob. But since we realize steak, burgers, or corn on the cob isn’t the most romantic meal you can have at home, maybe consider popping the cork to complement your dessert.


Does your special lady friend have a taste for sweets? Need I even ask? Of course not! As far as flavored spirits go, Pinnacle Whipped is both delicious, and easy to use for mixing dessert cocktails. It tastes like vanilla ice cream or whipped cream. How can you really go wrong with that?

Food pairings: Think desert. Chocolate cake, ice cream, parfait. Or, use it to make a desert cocktail, such as shaking it up with ice cream, chocolate liqueurs, and topping with cinnamon powder. There’s any number of combinations of things you can use to mix a great dessert themed cocktail using Pinnacle Whipped.


I gotta say, I love Argentinian Malbecs. They’re cheap, and oh so cheerful. The Amado Sur blend is a mostly Malbec blend with Bonarda and Syrah, that tastes of fruit and berries, and is definitely a dinner wine. If you want to focus more on what you’re going to make for dinner, this is a cheap and delicious option to take your mind off of confusing higher priced wines.

Food pairings: Another libation that works quite well with heavy meals, this time, with preference to more tender options such as Prime Rib, or lamb. If that’s too much red meat for your belly, however, try it with spicy meals, including Indian food, or rich far east dishes. Perhaps you’re having a junk food Valentine’s, however? Easy answer is pizza and wings, which I highly recommend with this wine.

Would you like to make a delicious tasting, and refined looking cocktail for Valentine’s Day? Pick up a bottle of Amaretto, and consider Amaretto Sours. They’re easy to make, and have a refined look if made right. Start with 2 ounces of Amaretto, half an ounce of lime juice, and mix with a separated egg white in a shaker tin without ice. Cover the edges of the tin to avoid spillage, and then add ice and shake it once more to chill it. Shaking in this way with the egg white should create a thick layer of foam from that gives it a nice finished look. Strain the mixture into a stemmed champagne glass, snifter, or coupe and let the foam settle. If you’d like more foam, try shaking again without ice until you’re happy with the look. Finish by garnishing with a few dashes of Angostura Bitters.

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