Smirnoff – Tasting Notes

Smirnoff has been a long time coming on The Bottle Opener…. Well, maybe it hasn’t. But it’s been on my to-do listvodka_PNG5844. And now my to-do list has gone down to that spot where I’m like “Oh hey, it’s time to review Smirnoff.”

I have to admit, that I didn’t expect this day to come as quickly as it did. That tiny tasting bottle I sample? I’ve been holding onto it for only a year, and already the time has come for me to sample it in a Tasting Notes video.

The real question de jour, however, is, “how bad did it taste?

And the answer: “Not that bad.” Impossible, right? Think again! Smirnoff gets a bad wrap, and in my opinion, it’s based on a handful of notions surrounding the success of it’s mass marketing campaigns, and it’s ultra-low price. It possesses strong notes of vanilla and lemon peel, undercut by light hints of aniseed, a silky viscous texture, and a pepper and allspice finish. It easily gets an 83 on the Tasting Notes Scale. Which, for the record, is not half bad.SMIRNOFFIn closing, I would like to pander to the folks over at Diageo/Smirnoff who may be able to hook me up with a free bottle of this stuff. Seriously. I like it, and wouldn’t mind having a bottle to do future videos with.




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