Prometheus (2012): See the Depths of the Human Soul!

Prometheus is a movie that I have kept up with for a long time, even before it was released into theaters. In the beginning of 2012, the creators had planned an online puzzle called an alternate reality game (ARG) for others to solve. We gamers had no idea what the puzzle was for, but we knew that it was going to be epic based on the difficulty and complexity of these riddles and cryptograms that kept on popping up. Then all of the sudden, it petered out. Universal Studios revealed their presence and all the puzzles were suddenly reduced to flash games and websites that unlocked at certain dates. The magic was lost, and lots of gamers quit.

The movie was the same for much of the audience: in the beginning, the tone was set for something on a breathtaking scale that was seen for Ridley Scott in his movies before the 2000s, and mystery after mystery was thrown in the audience’s face. We expected a grand finish while holding our breaths but in the end, the riddles went unanswered. It was as if Agatha Christie wrote a sign in her book that said ‘If you want to find out who the murderer is, buy my next novel!’

But for me, part of the reason to watch this movie was for the mysterious vibe. The movie was trying to convey how humans react to the unknown. This was made evident in their acceptance of David (in various degrees), discovery of the alien ship and the extraterrestrial life that accompanied it. The ending was about embracing the unknown too, with the protagonist hurtling towards an unknown future with the surviving remainder of the Prometheus crew.

Watch this if you want a movie that entertains but intrigues as well. Maybe, you can even catch a glimpse of your soul…

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