Words Fail: My Garden, Kat Dahlia

slide-kat-dahlia-happy-2 (Anyone who rocks the Frida Kahlo style is automatically one of my favorite humans.)

 My Garden by Kat Dahlia is an album that has been in the making since end of 2012/early 2013. Delay after delay after delay has really stretch the tracks thin, but overall it is a decently put together piece. Kat Dahlia’s vocals are tough and aggressive and compliment the hiphop/reggae/latino/Cubano fusion sound she straight up rocks and sets her apart from other artists.

I debated whether or not to actually review this album, not because it was bad, but because it felt dated to say the least. One of the singles off the album titled “Gangsta” is a fabulous track and was amazing a couple years ago when it was released, but loses it’s steam and umpf it had when I was able to listen to it back then. I think based off my tastes back in 2013 and that I had already heard most of these tracks before this album was released, I was underwhelmed by it because I thought (and anticipated) it was going to be much much better.

Don’t get me wrong, each track has it’s own draw and own potential, but it feels held back like whoever was producing the album should’ve said “GO HARD TIME” and cranked it to 11. This album did not do her justice, and yet I still enjoyed it because songs like “Gangsta” and “The High” are well written despite the album as a whole not bringing “it”. Dahlia’s voice is powerful, aggressive, sexy and should be putting a bit of a tingle in your pants regardless of the way you swing.

An example of the fire not being brough (in vocal execution not the lyrics themselves) is the track “Lava” with lyrics like

“You taste my creation
As we create more eruptions
A story only lives in the heat of friction
I can taste creation“

I dont know, maybe I am wrong? Check it out and let me know:

I don’t know if it was necessarily her choice in the way these songs were produced and recorded (new artists…probably not), but it was not a good one. The length of time it took for this album to be put together , many of the singles on it had been out long enough to where they should have either been taken off the album altogether and replaced with newer fresher tracks or put on as bonus content..

To put this into perspective this is coming from someone (me of course) who has been semi-following Dahlia since back in 2013 when “Gangsta” and Dahlia were announced by the Epic teamed label Vested In Culture (which houses the duo Quadron and also rapper Casie Veggies, both definitely worth checkin’ out). So I am a little biased when it comes to this and I honestly thought Dahlia would of been a breakout artists by the end of last year.

I have no qualms in saying I am a big Kat Dahlia fan despite anything I say in this review.

The current release of My Garden is the standard edition and hopefully a remixed or deluxe edition comes out at some point that better showcases Dahlia’s vocals and power that she definitely has. It would be a damn shame and a waste to see such a talented artist fall to the way side, but much worse to see her explode and then get devoured and regurgitated by the pop gods.

Hopefully whatever comes next from Dahlia will be much more what I expected because you know……fuck other people’s wants, it’s about ME damnit ME!

Seriously though, despite my “eh” review I still did enjoy it so Check out My Garden on Spotify, Amazon, iTunes, and check out Kat Dahlia on Twitter, Facebook and her videos on her Youtube and you might understand where I am coming from a little more.

Note: On Spotify, there is also a companion album that has Dahlia talking about the lyrics to each song which…in my opinion…is kinda a cool added touch.

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