Diplomatico Reserva – Tasting Notes

The fifth video of rum week, and it’s another Tasting Notes video. This time, The Bottle Opener brings us Diplomatico Reserva. Diplomatico is the Venezuelan rum that bares the visage of one Don Juancho on the bottle, as donjuanchowell as baring a play of his original rum’s nickname as “The Ambassador’s Reserves”. The full truth is Diplomatico has a fairly interesting history behind it, and I highly recommend you read more from their website if you’re at all interested.

Regarding taste, this is one of the finest rums I’ve ever tasted. Indeed, it is most likely the finest. It has a well established rap sheet of awards, and it’s Exclusiva counterpart indeed holds the record for the most highly awarded rum in the world.  The awards are well deserved. This is a very complex spirit possessing a lot of desert qualities, such as milk chocolate, port, and coca cola, as well as some qualities of baking which includes vanilla, nutmeg, and cinnamon. It also has an interesting interchange between flavors of tartness, bittersweet, and acidity.

The score is 96/100, which puts it at the top of The Bottle Opener Scale, defeating Eagle Rare 10’s 95 rating.


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