Sailor Jerry Navy Spiced Rum – Tasting Notes

It’s the third day of spiced rum Tasting Notes on The Bottle Opener – well, okay… this one, I’m a bit late with the blog entry, BUT, the videos were published three days in a row, at least. Right? … Right.

In any case, this one is another pirate themed rum. Err. Well, actually it’s a man of the sea themed… well, not a literal man of the sea, but a figurative man of the sea… Who happened to be in the US Navy, and was inspired by his love Sailor_Jerry_Spiced_Navy_Rumof sea vessels.

I’m talking of course, of Sailor Jerry Navy Spiced Rum.Sailor Jerry was the nickname of Norman Collins, a ground breaking tattoo artist of the 20th century, who was immortalized with the creation of the Sailor Jerry clothing brand in 1999. The minds behind the company moved forward with plans to release a spiced rum under their name. And why not? Rum is known as the drink of seafarers, after all. And naturally that piece of culture extends to the name of Sailor Jerry.

So that’s the history. How does it stand up to the taste buds, though? To be honest, it’s not half bad. In fact, it’s much better than half bad. It’s several times good, even. One of the exciting things of note is that it is a relatively high proof rum, at 46 ABV. The flavor profile is also somewhat unique for a spiced rum. While notes of vanilla and butterscotch are apparent, and the both familiar and well established base of baking spices such as nutmeg, cinnamon and all spice rear their heads as well. Notes of dried fruit, such as raisins, and craisins appear on the palette, giving a somewhat floral boost of flavor to the caramel. There is also an interesting interplay between dryness and sweetness that adds a certain level of depth to this rum.Sailor_Jerry_Logo

Rating-wise, it’s of considerable note that Sailor Jerry may be a superior product to the standard of Captain Morgan spiced rum, sitting at a solid 78 out of 100 on the Tasting Notes scale.


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