Bacardi Oakheart – Tasting Notes

Bacardi is one of the biggest names in spirits (and without a doubt, the biggest name in rum), but somewhat antithetically, they’ve never produced a Spiced Rum. That is until Oakheart hit the shelves in 2011. Fast forward to Bacardi-Oakheart-Rum-bottletoday, and we’re doing a Tasting Notes review of this special stuff on The Bottle Opener.

Following the tradition of delicious and easy to mix spice flavored rums, Oakheart continues with delightful flavors – ironically, not with much notes of oak or other wood. The flavors are recommended to mix with cola, and I have my suspicions that it would also mix a terrific mojito. On the nose, are strong notions of vanilla, butterscotch, with hints of cinnamon. The palette is more of the same, intensifying the flavors of vanilla with maple toffee, and a warm and creamy texture that reminds one of caramel. The butterscotch flavor becomes a backdrop, including light notes of cloves which are continuous throughout. There is very little burn at 35% abv, but watering down brings out the odors of butterscotch, cinnamon and flowers.

This spiced rum is easy to sip on, but clearly was intended as a mixing rum. It doesn’t have as much flavor as the recent Kraken and Captain Morgan’s Black Spiced Rums. Nevertheless it’s well deserving of a good score, and that score is 82/100.



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    • Tried it in a cocktail last night and it wasn’t bad, but, I’d say that the Oakheart is just around that spot where it’s tasty enough on its own that you wouldn’t want to mix it too much. I think I’ll be sticking with water next time.

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