Zubrowka / Zu Vodka – Tasting Notes

Twas a new year when Tasting Notes had returned to The Bottle Opener. In this fine case, the tasting de jour would happen to be none other than the bison grass infused vodka known as Zubrowka, or Zu vodka, in some circles. One’s curiosity may be considerably aroused by this strangely appealing spirit.

Tossing whatever strange odd devices I have aside in order to get straight down to the vodka…zu-zubrowka

Zu is pretty damned interesting. It has a pale olive hue that makes it look similar to some absinthes, and each bottle has a single blade of bison grass within it. The labeling of the bottle is fairly simple, but tasteful, as well as the bottle itself.

On the nose, it smells of mown lawn. On the palette, it immediately tastes of wheat, and lemongrass, before the flavor of sweet cinnamon accompanies it in the body. It has a smooth and silky texture. The finish is smooth and tastes of a rye vodka. The aromatic notes of cinnamon and citrus linger for some time.

What’s the explanation behind the experience? Much of the character of this delightful vodka come from the rye distillation, which is said to use a unique double step process of some sort (the hell if I know?) As mentioned earlier, and worth repeating, each bottle is infused with a single blade of bison grass, which imparts aromatic essences of grass, flowers, and citrus fruits. What else can I say, other than that in Eastern Poland, they know how to do it right….



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