Boozeporn #03 – Goldschlager, Fireball Whisky, Caramel Sea Salt Criollo

Boozeporn’s back baby! This time The Bottle Opener presents three liqueurs; Goldschlager Cinnamon flavored Schnaaps, Fireball Cinnamon  Whisky, and Caramel Sea Salt flavored Criollo.

The Swiss Goldschlager is a favorite partly for it’s addition of thin gold flakes – in fact, the German word Goldschlager even translates to “gold beater”, which describes the profession of golden leaf makers. Flavored with cinnamon, the Diageo owned liqueur is now produced in Italy, and is great for shots such as the personal favorite, Liquid Cocaine. A popular myth about Goldschlager is that the gold flakes cut the back of one’s throat while consuming, causing a more “fucked up” experience. Note the use of the word ‘myth’ in my explanation.

Another cinnnamon flavored liqueur, Fireball Cinnamon Whisky, is made in my home country of Canada. It’s foundation spirit is Canadian Rye Whiskey. The liqueur and brand came into existence when it was created by the now defunct Seagrams Ltd., before being sold off to Sazerac. Sazerac has successfully rebranded the product to make it one of the most popular new Whiskey brands in decades. It has an uncanny similarity to the flavor of Cinnamon Heart candy.

Straying from the cinnamon flavored liqueurs, Criollo, which gets it’s name from the rare Criollo cocoa bean gets it’s main flavoring from a foundation of Criollo beans. It’s then flavored additional with sea salt and caramel. While I don’t particularly notice anything salty about it, the caramel flavoring comes across as the taste of maple syrup or toffee.



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