Bombay Sapphire – Tasting Notes

One damn fine London Dry Gin makes it’s way to Tasting Notes on The Bottle Opener. Bombay Sapphire is a journey through ten different botanicals which are conveniently etched into the side of the bottle – which is also conveniently somewhat sapphire like in appearance. Branding for the win? The gin is named after the star of Bombay, a famous Sapphire donated to the Smithsonian Institution. Definitely branding for the win.

I would consider myself somewhat of a gin appréciateur, as for the question of why I joined the ranks of gin heads, this is the gin that did it for me. Like many other gin enjoyers of my generation, this was the first gin that I really got to know. My girlfriend also became a lover of gin from this stuff. And countless (hyperbole) other forayers into gin culture got their start on the star of Bombay’s namesake.

While I can sit here and think up different ways of saying I like gin due in part because of Bombay, the fact of the matter is, this is a really damn fine London Dry (which I already mentioned at the outset). It has been an object of mixed ratings ranging from above average, to one of the best gins on the planet. I can’t say that it is one of the best gins on the planet, as I’m not one of those fellows who gets to sit up on a panel and try every different gin on the planet comparatively. What I can say is, it’s one of the best gins I’ve ever had, and I’ve grown to know it’s easy palette quite well.



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