Bourbon Every Burger – Snack Zach

Is it a burger? No…  Is it a macaroon? Well it looks like one. is it a cookie? I guess so. Snack Zach comes back to The Gamer Bar with the “awesome looking” Bourbon Every Bourger; a chocolate filled mini-burger look-alike. I’ll readily admit, that a lot of the awesome factor seems to be in it’s overall appearance and concept. Some sort of cracker, topped with sesame seeds, and filled with a creamy chocolate center. How can it go wrong, right?

Taste-wise, the chocolate seems to have a weird dynamic with the cracker portion of the snack – which oddly enough tastes bland and rye-like. One wonders if the rye is supposed to mimic the mention of Bourbon in the name of the snack. Somewhat disappointingly, the snack only scores a C rating – disappointing, with the promise of Bourbon in the title.



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