The Mission of The Bottle Opener

As I work on developing a brand for The Bottle Opener, the idea of a public mission statement came to mind several times. In this video, I decided to get up off of my posterior and record just such a mission statement. And this is it: “The only bartending show on the internet with more Dungeons and Dragons manuals than bartending guides.

Okay, so that’s not the actual statement, but that is a statement that’s made in the initial section of the video. The real statement is “to spread a passion for bartending, alcohol, and learning with the rest of the world”. The Bottle Opener is dedicated to creating a place to learn about the things that I enjoy, without the pressure of pretentiousness, or the looming shadow of wine, spirits and craft beer snobs. I try to be a jack-of-all-trades, more than a know-it-all, and while I do like to criticize people in good humor, there’s absolutely nothing wrong with anyone who drinks Jim Beam Honey. Vodka Slimes, on the other hand, have got to go.

If this mission appeals to you, I encourage you to follow both The Bottle Opener and this blog, The Social Yand help spread this message by providing a share.



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