Words Fail: Nostalgia Aint What It Used To Be, Cliff Herman

I originally was going to do this weeks “Words Fail” on the new Ghostface Killah album 36 Seasons, but something came across my Facebook feed that I am actually a little bummed I did not get to it when it was released almost a year ago: Nostalgia Aint What It Used To Be by Cliff Herman.

This is released through Chamberlain Drive Records, which happens to have a very talented stable of artists that you should check out. Now don’t get me wrong Ghostface’s new album is DOPE, but I need to give props where props are due and Nostalgia’ definitely deserves them. If you want an example of what good (dare i say great?) independent Hip Hop is Cliff Herman gives it to you.

The fuckin album is solid ok? You can feel the blood, sweat, and tears in every single track and see the dedication pay off. Even if Nostalgia is not your cup of tea there is no way in hell you couldn’t appreciate the effort that Cliff Herman put into it:

“I put this album out about 1 year ago today.

It took me at least 2 years to make.

That’s 1,051,898 minutes of my life.

The album is 32 minutes.

I made every beat (except 1). I wrote every song. I mixed, mastered and produced the whole album. I did the album artwork. I enjoyed everything about making it.

I would be thrilled if you took 32 minutes of your life to listen to the culmination of 1 million minutes of my life.”

Understand; this is worth your time and money. If for some odd reason you are hesitant because this is independent Hip Hop and you have never even heard of it, I promise you will not be disappointed. Even if by some chance it does not hit you right in your music feels you will appreciate it…I guarantee it. I am not even going to highlight any specific tracks on this one because I want you to explore it yourself.

TLDR; Obviously I am an amateur writer at best (#overstatement) so I will let the music speak for itself.

Check out Nostalgia Aint What It Used To Be on Bandcamp , Spotify, CDbaby, Amazon, and check out the Chamberlain Drive Records Facebook page to see their other releases or their Youtube page to see more videos from Chamberlain Drive artists.

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