Forty Creek Barrel Select – Tasting Notes

It’s been awhile since I’ve done a Tasting Notes review of a whiskey on The Bottle Opener. This one comes as an exciting taste of one of my personal favorite Canadian Whiskeys; Forty Creek Barrel Select. This whiskey is a blend of three aged whiskeys – rye, barley and corn – which have been aged separately for 6 to 10 years and then aged for an additional 6 months in used sherry casks. The reason that it’s called Barrel Select is that each barrel is hand selected by the distiller, prior to aging.

It’s a fairly fancy process for Canadian Whiskey, which, for the most part has been left out of the craft spirits revolution that Bourbons have been exposed to in the recent past. It shares a lot of the same aging techniques of some of the higher priced Bourbons, and it does have a lot of Bourbon characteristics. On the nose are cinnamon, nutmeg, vanilla, roasted walnuts, molten toffee, corn and orange peel. On the palette, the nose explodes and is accompanied by honey, maple, and milk chocolate. The one detractor is that the whiskey has a fairly flat body, which I describe in the video as a “less Bourbony Bourbon”.

If you were to pick up any quality Canadian Whiskey for your liquor collection, by most accounts, this should be the one. It’s affordable, different, and delicious.



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