The Original Old Fashioned and a New Fashion – The Bottle Opener

Its always a pleasure for me to get on The Bottle Opener and make another classic cocktail. This time, we start with the original Cocktail. That is, the first drink that was ever called a cocktail; the Old Fashioned. This old time favorite, and whiskey classic has captured the imagination of many bartenders or alcohol adventurers alike. With a few basic ingredients, drink crafters have been creating Old Fashioneds for over a century. There have been a few modifications made to the cocktail that borrow from the trends of those decades they were dreamed up in – in my opinion, changes for the worse.

Nevertheless, in this video I walk you through just a part of the rich history behind the simple classic, as well as provide some contemporary thoughts regarding a newer style of Old Fashioned. As part of this, I created an aged tequila Old Fashioned, which to sum up in a word is “godly” to the taste buds.



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