Ole Smoky Moonshine Revisited – Tasting Notes

Last time I brought Ole Smoky Moonshine on The Bottle Opener‘s Tasting Notes segment, it didn’t end – or start – well. Nevertheless, I decided to give this stuff another tasting; this time, taking into account that certain qualities of the palette are hidden behind the anesthetizing fumes of the high ABV.

So, rather than drinking the stuff like some hoping to get pissed as fast as possible. Since that’s not what the Bottle Opener is all about, and I wager to guess that Ole Smoky Moonshine is hoping to be something different than moonshines of the prohibition era. Putting my money where my mouth is – or rather, my moonshine where my mouth is – I gave this stuff one more chance.

Adding some sophistication (water) to the mix, I let the spirit chill out and mellow in the glass. While all of that alchemy was going on in the background, I decided to return to the traditional Tennessee method of drinking it straight out of the mason jar, I wasn’t too surprised to get the same experience as my first go at moonshine. However, when I revisited what was going on in my idle glass, my suspicions of something more complex were confirmed, and ultimately, my verdict that this is a very good spirit, well deserving of a high rating.



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