Boozeporn #1 – Yukon Winter, Truth and Russian Standard Gold Vodka

I like starting new named segments over at The Bottle Opener. This time, I take my Tasting Notes show and turn it into a comparative tasting which I’ve named ‘Boozeporn’. And what’s on the agenda for episode number one? Premium vodka.

But not just any premium vodka. I’ve brought two Canadian craft micro distills onto the show to face off with Russian Standard Gold. But it’s not JUST Russian Standard… It’s Russian Standard that was purchased in Russia, and brought to Canada courtesy of my step-brother. But how does it all stack up? In the end, the three vodkas are all very different, and have their own personalities that make them stand out. Yukon Shine’s Yukon Winter is smooth, viscous, sweet and oh-so agave-like. The Liberty Distillery’s Truth is a complex dry, with a botanical profile that will remind people of gin – but not quite gin; it’s something completely different. Russian Standard Gold lives up to expectations; neutral in aromas, it’s smooth to drink and easy on the palette.

But how do these vodkas compare in quality? Not to sound repetitive, but, they all have their strong points. Nevertheless, in this reviewers opinion, Truth falls behind for it’s anesthetizing qualities, while Russian Standard Gold battles Yukon Winter over first place for it’s smooth and palatable qualities.  But ultimately, Yukon Winter is the victor, with it’s complex and unique flavor profile.



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